financial aid overview

Going to college can be expensive, but I Know I Can is here to help you get every dollar available to make college affordable, offering guidance and assistance in obtaining, selecting and completing all financial aid forms.

fund it

There are many different financial resources to help you afford college. They can be based on need, academics, or other qualifications. In order to be eligible for any financial aid, you MUST first complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Talk to your school counselor or an IKIC Advisor for more help.

fafsa workshops

I Know I Can offers FREE workshops to help you and your family complete the FAFSA.
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save smart

Save Smart is a college savings incentive program. Participants in the program have a matched savings account that can earn as much as $4 for every $1 saved.

founders’ scholarship

Available to eligible Columbus City Schools seniors enrolling in a full-time, 4-year baccalaureate program at an accredited college.
Worth up to $10,000.

i know i can grant

Available to eligible Columbus City Schools high school seniors or Columbus City Schools graduates currently enrolled in college.
Worth up to $1,200.

types of financial aid

What kind of aid can you get? Now that you’ve completed the FAFSA, let’s take a look at the different types of financial aid.


A federal student aid program that allows you to earn a paycheck by working a limited number of hours throughout the school year at the college you attend.


Many students and parents borrow money to help pay educational expenses. Loans must be repaid with interest, usually after your education is completed.


These are applied for and awarded on the basis of merit, skill and unique characteristics. You do not pay this money back; however, most scholarships require that you maintain a certain level of achievement.


Grants are usually awarded on the basis of financial need. You do not pay this money back.

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