Early High School Years

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Now is the time to build a strong foundation for your future, and I Know I Can is here to help you navigate the path ahead.

9th & 10th

The early high school years are full of excitement and change for most students. It is also an important time to learn skills that will serve them as they continue to pursue their educational and career goals.

Here are some things to focus on in the 9th and 10th grade to build momentum toward future success:

  • Learn time management skills.
  • Learn to use a planner for school assignments and important deadlines.
  • Get to know your high school guidance counselor and I Know I Can advisor
  • Explore extracurricular activities such as school clubs, student government, and volunteer activities.
  • Focus on getting good grades! The higher your GPA, the better your chances of getting into college and receiving scholarships.
  • Stay curious and ask questions!
  • Prepare for the SAT or ACT by taking practice tests.

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