Kailash’s Success Story

Kailash Mishra

  • 2020 Northland High School Graduate
  • 2023 The Ohio State University Graduate, Economics & Political Science
  • Dream Big Scholar

Kailash Mishra didn’t have an easy childhood. He was born and lived his first 13 years in a Bhutanese refugee camp before immigrating to the United States with his parents and two older sisters. When he enrolled at Northland High School in Columbus as a freshman, he was unsure what the future held for him. His English skills were limited, but his parents had prioritized his education at the camp and he believed in his academic abilities and he was willing to work hard.

When it was time to apply for college, Kailash was ready. He worked with his I Know I Can College Advising Manager to apply to schools all across the country and submit his Free Application for Federal Student Aid and other financial aid applications. Kailash received one of I Know I Can’s Dream Big scholarships worth $3,500 per year for four years to help him pay for college. He also took advantage of the touch-base sessions with I Know I Can’s College Resource Specialist who helped him with financial literacy skills and led him to internships with the City of Columbus, State of Ohio, and Senator Sherrod Brown.

Thanks to advanced coursework he took in high school, Kailash graduated early from Ohio State with degrees in Economics & Political Science. He is preparing to take the LSAT with plans to become an attorney focusing on antitrust or patent law.

Kailash is grateful for I Know I Can’s role in his success. “My parents are so proud and supportive of my academic pursuits and my sisters showed me the value of working hard and staying focused. But I Know I Can played an integral part in where I am now—a college graduate with a bright future,” said Kailash.

We can’t wait to see where Kailash and his peers who received a Dream Big scholarship go next!

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