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It’s never too early to start thinking about college. I Know I Can is here to help you and your family the whole way, even in the earliest years.

Elementary School

By becoming active at a young age, children will start building up experiences that prepare them for applying to and attending college.

I Know I Can offers a children’s book to help you get started and links to help you get your student more involved in your school and community.

Middle School

Did you know that there are key indicators that occur in middle school which determine a student’s likelihood to enroll in college? I Know I Can and a team of dedicated AmeriCorps College Guides offer a variety of resources to prepare you for high school and college.

  • Classroom presentations
  • Evening workshops
  • Online college planning tools

Naviance is an online college planning tool for 7th – 12th graders that helps students discover career interests and post-secondary goals. The student’s Naviance record stays with them until high school graduation. IKIC staff members, AmeriCorps Guides, and school counselors visit student classrooms to instruct the students on how to use the platform and present important college and career information.

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